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REAL LIFE the transformational hip hop/pop musical about the dynamics of urban life, politics and faith is a hit! Electrifying, unpredictable, and absolutely entertaining are just three adjectives that describe the new hit musical, “Real Life.” The city of St.Louis shockingly witnessed the amazing, once in a life time presentation of “Real Life,” this past August. “Real Life is a spiritually influenced hip-hop/pop musical by writer and director Joel P.E King. It is a coming of age story of an urban youth conflicted between street life and his faith. It is a transformational play that mirrors the struggle of a young man who resembles many young men in the inner cities of America. The main character Ray, a nearly thirty year old man has a test of faith as he experiences the complex dynamics of the ghetto.  Identifying with the consequences and repercussions of life, his strong street nature has finally caught up with him which leads him to running for his life. Once an A student with the potential to become a star college basketball player, Ray allowed his life to become defined by his inability to win a crucial game that could have potentially changed the dynamics of his life and was probably his only escape out of the ghetto.  The abandonment of ambitions and an adopted mentality of failure lead Ray to a street life. Ray learns the lesson that’s unlearned in today’s society “the life he lived by will be the life he dies by”.  “Real Life’ exposes the paradigm of urban America, and its ability to stifle growth and self-development,”King states. It is a glimpse of the social dynamics in the urban environment under layered with the effects of politics and faith. “Real Life” was inspired by an eleven year old boy who believed that moving out of the inner city, or “ghetto,” would make him a sellout. Upon hearing this, director Joel King set out to crucify the myths and fantasies of the inglorious street lifestyle through the protagonist and lead character, Ray.  Ultimately, “Real Life” is the wakeup call the inner city needs to realize the crisis and prevalence of violence. It is the artistic engine needed to motivate communities to combat the constant increase of crime and derail an apathetic attitude that has become too common in the inner-city. King is attempting to fight violence through creativity, comedy and reality. The production is inspired by truthful situations and the passion for progression is expressed through talented dancers, and singers.                

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JPEK CreatveWorks is a fine arts company founded by Artistic Director, Joel P. E. KIng, ​to support the community through arts, entertainment and education.  JPEK  has built a respectable organization that provides greater exposure through creative workshops, original stage plays and producing/promoting independent artists. Through this engagement, JPEK has formed relationships that has evolved and become lasting partnerships among corporate affiliates, celebrities, community leaders and die-hard supporters.   

Our mission is to produce quality performances on stage as we use the arts through our performances to have a positive, measurable impact within communities at large. As we entertain, we are motivated to intervene and impact the lives of inner city youth; homeless, impoverished and disease stricken people.

Joel P. E. King  "JPEK" whose stage name is also known as Joel Patrick King graduated from Southern Illinois University where he attained a B.A. in Studio Arts with a minor in music and theater. Joel is a prominent performer, director, writer and producer in the Metropolitan area. Theater credits that precede him are: Knock Me a Kiss, Thru the Eyes, A Raisin in the Sun, Colored Museum, Immigrant Project, In the Blood, Dutchman, Complacency of Silence in which he received a Kevin Kline Nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Musical…. Musical credits are:  Big River, Damn Yankees, Bubblin Brown Sugar, Ain’t Misbehavin as well as world premiering shows: Ruth and Joshua’s Boots, just to namea few. He toured with KC Entertainment gospel show, A House Divided, in which he performed before BET-ComicAward Winner Tyler Perry who complimented on a "job well done". Joel King, too, has attained leading roles in independent films such as: Pieces of a Dream, supported by  Vic, played by former internationally acclaimed pop group star, Raz B of B2K; Ishmeal Meet the Grave of Haagar, and Award Winning Movie Ruzzian Roulette.  His recent movie credits include MMG's "Stratosphere" and Kim Conner's "Before I Do" to, also, star Jensen Atwood, Omar Gooding and Andrea Kelly. 

Writing  and directing is a craft that Joel began young creating what he likes to call "conscious theatre". Joel has written, produced and directed his works, starting with A Mother's Cry, and to later follow, Meeting at the Elder’s Circle, Me, Don and the Psychiatrist, A Deeper Shade of Blues and etc. He was awarded the proclamation from the city of St. Louis for his latest works, Real Life Musical in partnership with Andrea Kelly, Issues of Love withKendra C. Johnson and Stand Your Ground withPtosha Storey.  Joel presents original music with lyrics and vocal arrangements by Joel and orchestra assistance from talented music professionals, Adarron "Pops" Jackson, Keith Fowler, Damarius Hicks....and more.